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Development Guidelines

Developer Scope of Work Requirements

Information required for developers and independent, third-party capital needs assessment providers. Appendix G of current year LIHTC.

Developer Fee Policy

Our policy regarding developer fees for tax-exempt bond financing and tax credit development. Appendix J of current year LIHTC.


Preservation Task Force Report

The Governor's Housing Preservation Task Force has released a report entitled "  Preserving Wisconsin's Quality Affordable Rental Housing". The report proposes streamlined regulation, a trust fund, and other steps to save affordable housing in crisis.

Purpose of Preservation

Section 8 properties serve tenants whose average annual income is approximately $9,000. Replacement of this housing would be virtually impossible in today's economic climate. Many of these developments are at a stage where the owners could consider converting the properties to market rate housing. This would displace most of the low-income residents. WHEDA wants to provide loans for these developments to preserve and extend the affordability and viability of these properties.

We offer owners and prospective buyers of Section 8 properties the knowledge and experience gained by financing and servicing over 20,000 affordable rental units in Wisconsin. Contact a  Commercial Lending Officer (CLO) for more information on Preservation of Affordable Housing

Market Study Guidelines

Information required for independent, third-party market study providers. Please read the document carefully to ensure your market study complies. Appendix A of current year LIHTC.

Market Study Providers

WHEDA's list of approved independent, third-party market study providers, plus instructions for applying to become an approved provider.

Capital Needs Assessment Policy & Standards

Capital Needs Assessment Providers

A list of approved independent, third-party capital needs assessment providers.

Insurance Specifications

Land Survey Requirements

Required for all developments using WHEDA financing.

Environmental Report

WHEDA's environmental report requirements.

Title Insurance Requirements

Required for all developments using WHEDA financing.

Assisted Living Underwriting Guidelines

In order to address risk associated with assisted living developments, WHEDA has developed loan underwriting guidelines that may be more stringent than standard loan terms associated with specific funding sources/term sheets.

Income and Rent Limits


  • Standard MTSP
    • For tax credit and/or tax exempt bond-financed projects place in service 4/24/19 or later, or those not covered by the ‘hold harmless’ provision.
  • HERA Special
    • For projects placed in service on or before 12/31/08 in HUD designated ‘hold harmless’ areas. Do not apply to HUD, RD, and HOME projects.
  • Income Averaging
    • For 4% tax credit projects who are 100% low-income and elect income averaging on their application beginning with the 2019-2020 QAP.