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Asset Management

Asset Management includes information, forms, and requirements for managing affordable rental housing.

Form 500, Online Reserve Release Request Instructions

Instructions for using our online Form 500 application to process your property's reserve release requests and our disbursement of funds policy for project reserve accounts.


    2019 Income Limits
    Determine the income eligibility of applicants for Public Housing, Section 8 and other programs subject to Section 3(b)(2).


    Servicing Requirements
    Broken down based on the four areas of risk.
    Quarterly Occupancy Reporting Instructions
    Instructions for Online Quarterly Occupancy reporting Screenshots are also available.
    Lead-Safe Work Practices Training
    Details on a series of lead-based paint training courses.

    Maintenance/Repair Specifications

    Replacement specifications.
    Shingle Roofing
    Replacement specifications.
    Single Ply Membrane Roofing
    Replacement specifications.
    Asphalt Pavement
    Maintenance specifications.

    Insurance Specifications

    Developments Under Construction
    Coverage requirements for developments financed by WHEDA during construction.
    Completed Developments
    Coverage requirements for developments that are complete.

    Frequently Asked Questions